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Virtual Office in Germany

Reasons to have a virtual office for your business in Germany

A virtual office setup includes a prestigious mailing address, phone and fax numbers, basically everything you have in a real office with a secretary.

However, unlike a real office, expenses for renting a virtual one are significantly lower. A virtual office allows avoiding expenses on renting a physical office space, the necessity to hire staff, which automatically means that you save money by not having to pay any salary. One of the most important factors is that a virtual office starts its work straight away, which allows you to avoid costs related to delays in business activities in the process of company formation.

By ordering a virtual office in Germany you obtain the following services:

  • Legal and mailing address for your company;
  • Local phone and fax numbers, calls to which can be redirected to any other number in any other country;
  • Processing the correspondence and sending it to your head office or to one of your representatives;
  • Secretarial services, business correspondence, written and oral translation, filling out forms and other questionnaires.