German company formation fees and other related services, like accounting, virtual office, solicitor services, bank account opening in germany


German company formation Company registration in Germany. Execution time – 2-4 weeks from the moment of signing documents.
  • Approval of the corporate name with the regional Chamber of Commerce;
  • Bank account for share capital deposit;
  • Bank account for company activity;
  • Accountancy starting with Steuerberater;
  • Liaise with the local registrar and relevant authorities;
  • Structuring the company as per your requirements;
  • Statutory minimum share capital of €1 – €12,500 – €25,000 – will pay after registration formalities;
  • Prepare your Company Registration Forms;
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes;
  • File the documents with the Commercial Register – Handelsregistereintragung;
  • The translator fee is not included. The notary will require you to speak German or provide an official/certified translator so you understand the documents you are signing;
  • A representative power of attorney, if required, is an additional fee;
  • Appoint the Directors;
  • Minutes appointing first Directors;
  • Preparation of the first minutes of the Board Meeting;
  • Initial Government license fee payable on incorporation;
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Publication of the application in the Bundesanzeiger – Federal Gazette;
  • Issue of shares and production of Share Certificates;
  • All documents and certifications are supplied in a professional folder;
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier.
from 499,— €
german company business management

The service includes processing, commenting, and forwarding mail, scanning documents, and interacting with state structures if you do not have a local Managing Director.

Annual price.
From 30,— €
german post address

German Post Address (Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, München, Frankfurt) and other big cities. Annual price, post-forward fees once per month included. German Law required it.
From 20,— €
virtual office in germany
Virtual Office in Germany – call forwarding, fax-on-email, and other features for your comfort—annual price.
from 50,— €
nominee services

Nominee Services in Germany as a local Managing Director or Shareholder. Annual price.
From 200,— €
.de domain

Setting up a domain name in the .de zone with ns-forward to your server. Annual price.
100,— €
solicitor or barrister in germany

All kinds of legal support in Germany:

  • Accountancy and company management;
  • Labor law and relocation to Germany;
  • Dispute resolution.
The price is valid for some common cases and legal disputes as well.

Price per hour.
From 100,— €
german bank account opening
Bank account opening in the leading German Bank:

  • Internet-Banking;
  • First-class Bank;
  • Debit/Credit Cards;
  • Loans;
  • Travel checks.
A Paypal account is complimentary.
Prices are valid for all brand-new German companies registered by us.

It is required by law.
from 90,— €
german trademark (3 classes, Germany, official fees included).
From 150,— €
vat number (USt-Id, MwSt).
From 50,— €
Company liquidation (GmbH/UG, up to 4 weeks, the company shall have no debts or liabilities).
from 500,- €
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