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Opening a Bank Account in Germany

Financial institutions in Germany are gaining increasing credibility. We can help you open both private and corporate accounts in any bank in Germany. You will need the following documents.

Opening a private bank account in Germany:

  • International passport;
  • Documents to help trace the source of funds;
  • Documents confirming your residential address.

Foreign clients, for whom we open private accounts in German banks, can receive Visa or MasterCard credit cards by regular mail, if desired. Personal presence is required in order to open an account.

Opening a corporate bank account in Germany:

  • International passports of shareholders and directors;
  • Documents confirming the residential address of the authorised signatory;
  • Constituent and statutory documents of the company.

When opening a corporate bank account (for GmbH, UG or AG), a range of factors must be taken into account.

Because the company does not yet exist on paper, not all banks will agree to open a corporate account. Additional difficulties might arise from the fact that an authorised signatory does not have a residence permit in Germany for a period exceeding three months. Some banks are rather careful with regard to a number of activity types. We consider all these questions when opening a corporate account, help clients to avoid any problems and successfully solve such situations.

Personal presence of the director is required to open a corporate bank account for a German company. Our employee accompanies you to the bank and acts as a translator if you don’t speak English or German.

We help open corporate, as well as private bank accounts in Germany.